Land Asset Management and Improvement Plan 2021

Why is it important?  
It impacts on how we invest in Council homes and to decide if we want to continue investing in homes which may become financially unsustainable.  
Why do we need to invest in Council homes? 
We need to ensure Council homes and estates are attractive places to live. 
We need to ensure Council homes comply with the Decent Homes Standard and health and safety standards. 
We need to reduce our carbon footprint.  
We need to meet current and future housing needs. 
How do we identify the sustainability of Council homes?  
We look at the income we are likely to receive against the cost of managing the home and keeping it to the Decent Homes Standard. We also look at how popular they are.  
What can we do if homes are not sustainable?  
We look at how we can make them more popular or use them to meet a different housing need.  
Sometimes we will need to make difficult decisions and use the land for another purpose such as building new homes.  
How will the plan affect tenants? 
Your home should be kept to a decent standard and be safe. 
We will carry out upgrades such as new windows, bathrooms and kitchens less often. 
In some cases people may experience disruption to make their home more energy efficient and will need to know how to use any new technology.  
It may help to reduce the cost of your utility bills. 
We may need to look at the future use of your home.  
  • Arthur's Hill
  • Ouseburn
  • Dinnington
  • Hazlerigg
  • Monument
... 32 Total Wards
Start Date
19 November 2021
End Date
13 December 2021
Days Remaining


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