Recently Ended Consultations

Review of Polling Districts 2019

Ended on 11/10/2019.

Newcastle City Council is reviewing our polling districts and polling places, and we would like to hear your views about where you vote. Click on 'show more' to find out more and give us your views.

Wingrove Annual Ward Priority Setting

Ended on 11/10/2019.

Have your say about priorities in your ward.

West Fenham Ward Priority Setting 2019

Ended on 03/10/2019.

Tell us about your priorities for 2019-2020

Final contract opportunities for crisis response and homeless prevention services in Newcastle

Ended on 30/09/2019.

Newcastle City Council would like outline the final structure of services we will have in place for the delivery of homelessness services. Click on 'show more' to find out more about this.

Blakelaw Annual Ward Priority Setting 2019

Ended on 19/09/2019.

Have your say on priorities for Blakelaw Ward in 2019-2020.

Parklife Football Hubs Consultation 2018 and 2019

Ended on 31/07/2019.

Have your say on plans for Blakelaw and Bullocksteads Parklife Hubs. Click on 'see more' to find out about this and give your views.

Kenton Annual Ward Priorities 2019

Ended on 18/07/2019.

Have your say about your priorities for Kenton Ward.

Sexual Health Services in Newcastle - 2019 Review

Ended on 15/07/2019.

Please give us your views about sexual health services in Newcastle upon Tyne before 15 July 2019 - click on 'see more' to take part. PLEASE NOTE THIS HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL 15/07/2019

Proposed changes to the Newcastle Fund annual budget in 2020-21

Ended on 10/06/2019.

Newcastle City Council are proposing to reduce the annual budget available for The Newcastle Fund from 2020-21. Click on 'show more' to find out more about this.

Air Quality Public Consultation 2019

Ended on 17/05/2019.

We want to hear your views on the potential measures we're considering for air quality in the North East. Click on 'show more' to find out how to take part.