Recently Ended Consultations

Newcastle Business Survey 2021

Ended on 09/04/2021.

Newcastle Council is running this survey in partnership with NewcastleGateshead Initiative and NE1 to gather intelligence from the business community about their plans for reopening. Please take the time to tell us about your plans. Click on 'show more'.

Newcastle Bridges Low Traffic Measures 2021

Ended on 15/02/2021.

As part of our plans to reduce traffic in local areas, so it is safer and easier for people to walk and cycle more, we’ve identified five bridges that we have temporarily closed to traffic. Find out how to take part by clicking on 'see more'.

Property Licence Scheme 2020

Ended on 31/01/2021.

Please give us your views on the Property Licence Scheme 2020 proposals. Click on 'see more' to find out about this, and give us your views.

Build Forward Better: Our medium-term plan for 2021-22

Ended on 17/01/2021.

We want to hear the views of people who live, work, study in and visit Newcastle on our budget proposals for 2021-2022. Click on 'see more' to take part.

North East Transport Plan 2021

Ended on 14/01/2021.

We want your views on the North East Transport Plan 2021. Click on 'see more' to find out about this and let us know what you think.

Parklife Football Hub - Bullocksteads

Ended on 01/12/2020.

Please find information presented here on Newcastle’s Parklife Football Hub scheme to be based on the current Bullocksteads site (Kenton Bank Foot).

Off Street Parking Places Order 2020

Ended on 23/11/2020.

We would like to get your views on a change to the Off Street Parking Places Order for Newcastle upon Tyne. Click on 'see more' to find out about this and take part.

YHN Think Big Consultation 2020

Ended on 20/11/2020.

Your Homes Newcastle (YHN), the organisation that manages council homes on behalf of Newcastle City Council, is running the 'Think Big' project to find out what issues matter most to YHN customers. Click on 'see more' to find out more and take part.

Family and Friends Care 2020

Ended on 23/08/2020.

We want to improve our support to family and friends carers and need your views to help shape the support we provide. To find out more and take part, please click on 'show more'.

Public Spaces Protection Order 2020

Ended on 07/06/2020.

To gather the public's views on extending the Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) around consumption of alcohol in public places and the behaviour of dogs and their owners. Click on 'see more' to take part.