Newcastle Obesity Review Consultation 2018 - Partners

Newcastle City Council currently commission a wide range of activities to support the obesity prevention agenda in the city. These focus on both healthy eating and physical activity interventions. We would like your views on current provision and what we need to do in future to tackle the high numbers of overweight and obese people in the city, with the intention of developing Public Health commissioning as part of a ‘whole systems’ approach. Find out more here:

Please read this information to find out what we have been doing and what we want to do, and then give us your views by taking part in our online survey:

Newcastle Obesity Review2018

Obesity Review Consultation Presentation May 2018

These programmes have so far provided a range of activities about getting individuals to change their behaviour. However, the latest thinking about how to tackle obesity suggests that we need to think about how people's social and physical environments affect their physical health, including their weight. This is called a "Whole Systems" approach, and will require the involvement of a wider range of partners across the city, to deliver changes that will make a change to obesity rates in Newcastle.

Our aim is to review current obesity prevention programmes to establish how effective they are, and make recommendations for when we commission future programmes. Please give us your views by 29 June 2018. We will use what people and partner organisations tell us to help commission effective services to tackle obesity in Newcastle and we will let you know what we have found out from the consultation and what we are going to do based upon it by August 2018.

If you have any questions about this or need this information in a different format, such as large print, please contact David Stobbs, Health Improvement Practitioner, at: Thank you for giving us your views.

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