2. Shaping our future together - Community Hubs, Libraries and Contact Centre

Please give us your views on our draft budget proposal for 2019-2020 to 201-2022 relating to Community Hubs, Libraries and Contact Centre:

You can read the full proposal here: Community Hubs, Libraries and Contact Centre 

A short summary is: "We will continue to offer services from the same number of locations across the city. However, due to budget pressures, there will be changes in the size of the spaces used, a change in opening hours for the City Library and Community Hub, a review of back-office staff delivering the service, increased flexible working of some staff and a small reduction in the stock fund. There will be a review of the City Library and Community Hub’s opening hours. It is currently open seven days a week. We are proposing to close it on a Sunday and reduce the number of late nights from four to two. This represents a closure of 2.9% of total library network opening hours. We will also move the East End Library to the Shields Road customer contact centre."

You can find the full details of the budget consultation here: Shaping Our Future Together 

Please give us your views on this proposal by taking part in this short online survey. Thank you.

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