7. Shaping our future together - Council Tax and adult social care precept

Please give us your views on our draft budget proposal for 2019-2020 to 2021-2022 relating to Council Tax and the adult social care precept:

You can read the full proposal here: 7. Council Tax and Adult Social Care Precept 

A short summary is: "To set a balanced budget in 2019-20 we need to increase the amount of income raised through Council Tax. We are proposing to increase Council Tax by 2.95%. This will increase income by £3.1 million which will be used to avoid additional cuts to services. We also propose to increase the government’s Council Tax precept for adult social care. This will generate £1 million which will be used to help fund the rising cost of providing adult social care services."

You can find the full details of the budget consultation here: Shaping Our Future Together 

Please give us your views on this proposal by taking part in this short online survey. Thank you.

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