Hearing from everyone on Climate Change

We want to hear from individuals and organisations about:

  • Your ideas for everyday, simple things everyone can do now to make a positive difference on climate change,
  • Your ideas for any larger-scale projects, new ways of delivering services, new initiatives, and investment that could be done in the medium- to long- term; and, 
  • What you think in general about what people and organisations in Newcastle upon Tyne are doing at the moment to tackle climate change.

Find out more here:

This is the first stage of our information-gathering from local residents, organisations and other interested parties about climate change and Newcastle upon Tyne. Findings from it will be published here and on our website, where you can also find more background information about our plans: Newcastle City Climate Change. You can read our strategy for how we will approach this here: Newcastle City Council Climate Change Strategy.

Please give us your views by completing this short form before 31 January 2020. 

If you have scientific, academic and / or technical evidence you would like to submit, please use this form instead: Climate Change - Call for Scientific Evidence 2019

If you have questions about this, or you need this information in a different format (such as large print), please contact us at: climatechange@newcastle.gov.uk . Thank you for giving us your views. 

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