Shaping our future together 2020-21 1. Reviewing how we support people after a crisis

Please give us your views on our draft budget proposal for 2020-2021 to 2021-22 relating to Adult social care and reviewing how we support people after a crisis:

You can read the full proposal here: Adult social care – Reviewing the way we support people after a crisis

A short summary is: "We will adopt a recovery-focused review approach to people who have experienced a crisis to ensure that the support we provide is appropriate in the long-term, once the crisis has passed. This will include: 

  • Reviewing packages of support to ensure that ongoing support is a proportionate response to current eligible needs and risks. 
  • Reviewing additional one-to-one support provided in residential care homes to ensure that levels of support are proportionate to the needs of the person and, where it is appropriate, that the level of required support is being provided. 
  • Creating additional Time to Think capacity in the community. 
  • Reviewing complex care and support packages for older people to maximise their independence, and ensure support levels are appropriate to people's needs.

You can find the full details of what we're consulting here: (if you have problems with the link, you may need to copy and paste it).

Please give us your views on this proposal by taking part in this short online survey. Thank you. 

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