Family and Friends Care Policy

We want your views on our draft Family and Friends Care Policy.  Your views on the draft policy will help us to develop our policy further as well as the services that we provide to Family and Friends Carers. 

In July we asked for views about the challenges faced by Family and Friends Carers and the support available to them to help us shape the support services we provide.

We have reviewed the feedback received and taking into consideration statutory guidance we have produced a draft policy setting out the support available from the council to Family and Friends Carers. A summary of the policy is provided here  or you can read the full policy here.  

This draft policy is based on the following key principles:

  • Promoting permanence for children, by seeking to enable those children who cannot live with their parents to remain with their extended family or friends, in conditions that provide for their emotional and physical needs and are legally secure.
  • Providing a clear framework for family and friends care, which is supported by a robust needs analysis which will prioritise the needs of the child and not be driven by financial considerations.
  • Working in collaboration with local partners to promote and support the needs of children living with family and friends carers, whether or not they are looked after.
  • Providing regularly updated information that is made freely and widely available and appropriately publicised.
  • Consulting with and listening to the views of children, family and friends carers and parents, as appropriate, when drawing up policies.
We have prepared a short survey for you to share your views,

Thank you for taking the time to complete our short survey.

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