Back High Street (West) and Back Hedley Street West - Proposed Waiting Restriction and Amendment to Parking Places

It is proposed to extend a length of no waiting at any time (double yellow lines) restriction in Back High Street (West), and reduce in length permit parking spaces in Back High Street (West) and Back Hedley Terrace West.

Details are contained in the Notice which is attached in the supporting documents below.  A plan, draft orders and the reasons for the proposals are also attached below.

If you wish to comment on the proposals please complete the survey.  If you wish to object to the proposals please also email setting out the grounds for your objection.

End date: 29 October 2020

Consultation locality:  Fawdon & West Gosforth Ward

Consultation purpose: Statutory Notice

Supporting documents:







Consultation Officer contact details:

Name: Sarah Gardner 


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