Air Quality Public Consultation 2019

Posted on 06/03/2019 at 16:55

We want to hear your views on the potential measures we're considering for air quality in the North East. A public consultation, which is open to all residents, businesses, workers, students and commuters from across the North East, is now underway. 

As well as your views on potential measures for reducing harmful levels of pollution, we’d also like your views on the kinds of financial support measures that might be needed to help people and businesses affected. Your views will help us develop final proposals that must be submitted to government later this year. 

Read more about the proposals and take part in the consultation here: (you may need to copy and paste the link).  The consultation is open until 17 May 2018.

If you have questions about the consultation or you need this information in another format, such as a paper copy or in large print, please contact us at: Paper copies of the consultation are also available from drop-in sessions at Newcastle City Library, which happen on Tuesdays 12noon-2pm, and Thursdays 4-6pm. These are taking place every week throughout the consultation.

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Wake up and smell the coffee Newcastle city council if you imposed these rediculous charges you will kill shopping in Newcastle. City centre will become booze center nothing making money except pubs and night clubs. See how you like it then.

Posted by Chris M on 17th May 2019 at 11:50PM

This is a fund raiser first and last! Improve public transport get the profit motive out and then talk about charges for cars when buses are as convenient as private cars we will use public transport.

Posted by Chris M on 17th May 2019 at 11:43PM

Charging people who need to travel in this area £12.50 /day is outrageous. It would cause severe hardship to individuals when carrying out their daily activities and attending hospital appointments at Freeman or RVI hospitals. A large number of people live in these areas! I have an elderly disabled relative who lives just off the Coast Road and it would be extremely difficult for her as she relies on her car due to mobility issues. It would cause us to have to drive a large detour just to visit her! Travelling to Freeman Hospital would be a nightmare from west of city. It would destroy retail in Newcastle and on Gosforth High Street. Bus fares will rise! Finding out how to post a comment on this consultaion was extremely difficult - as if you really didnt want residents to comment! The ability for individuals to put their views on consultation should have been much easier for residents!!!!

Posted by DL1 on 17th May 2019 at 11:29PM

The Clean air problem in my opinion is overstated. Compared to how air quality has improved since Unleaded petrol and cleaner cars this is a waste of time and effort. I don't see how how including NE3 in a zone was consulted or justified on any grounds.How am I supposed to get out of Newcastle from my house without incurring a daily charge?
As others have said here NCle Council appear to be unable to publicise the consultations to residents as comments on how difficult it is to find this survey in the first place. I also have missed the consultation on traffic humps all the way up Gosforth High street and the associated 20 MPH zone along most of its length 30 where the road was designed to 40 and 50 Central Motorway to 40. How crass and incompetent are these proposals in overall terms and detail of reasoning. How can we have any confidence in the traffic management clean air zone when all alterations to High Street traffic lights, FLE traffic lights and Cowgate have clearly utterly made matters worse.

Posted by Richard Hore on 17th May 2019 at 6:19PM

Following a problem with the consultation website this morning we have extended the deadline for responses to ensure nobody has missed the chance to take part. The consultation will now remain open until midnight on Sunday night (19th May).
Thank you.

Posted by Helen Stuart (Newcastle City Council) on 17th May 2019 at 3:40PM
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