Air Quality Public Consultation 2019

Posted on 06/03/2019 at 16:55

We want to hear your views on the potential measures we're considering for air quality in the North East. A public consultation, which is open to all residents, businesses, workers, students and commuters from across the North East, is now underway. 

As well as your views on potential measures for reducing harmful levels of pollution, we’d also like your views on the kinds of financial support measures that might be needed to help people and businesses affected. Your views will help us develop final proposals that must be submitted to government later this year. 

Read more about the proposals and take part in the consultation here: (you may need to copy and paste the link).  The consultation is open until 17 May 2018.

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The Government promoted diesel cars as the way forward and now because of this and because of the lack of transport infrastructure investment by both them and the local authority those of us who have a modern fuel efficient diesel car and use it daily in the course of our employment, the current labour authority wish to penalise us by applying punitive charges which in addition to the tax penalties already imposed by those of us who have such cars is grossly unfair and unjustified. Perhaps someone can explain how I can get to work, do my job which requires me to travel me at all hours through the proposed enforcement areas throughout the entire full week-a daily charge or a toll over the bridges will (a) cripple business & (b) financial cripple the individual. How do I go about challenging this legally or (b) forcing the local authority to put it out to a referendum

Posted by MrG1966 on 19th Mar 2019 at 6:22PM

Yes we should have clean air
There is comprehensive coverage of this and an extensive survey ....on the internet ....but ....what about the people who can’t / don’t use internet ?!!

I have yet to see any published factual statistics about the air quality and therefore nothing to substantiate the boundaries of the map that has been drawn up showing the zone . I want those statistics

Without a shadow of a doubt in my opinion Gosforth High Street is polluted because of a) the number of diesel buses b ) the stupid decision to ban right turn at Salters Road .

If ‘the Government ‘ is serious about improving our air quality then they should be putting money in to it instead of the stupid stupid stupid amount of money HS2 is going to cost! They could improve the ‘scrappage’ amount / electrify buses etc . That HS2 expenditure is a complete nonsens.

Posted by gthorpe on 18th Mar 2019 at 6:35PM

Clean air zones questions from a regular visitor to Newcastle

If l use coast road to Tynemouth from Tyne Bridge will l be charged to just travel though?

If l need to go to city hospitals for appointments will l be

if I park in Newcastle in morning to go shopping ,theatre, meal cinema museums and only use car to leave will l be charged even if car is parked at a council car park which l have to pay for?

Will blue badge holders be charged to enter or pass through the zone?

If l pass in and then out of zone without stopping will l have to pay?

Will sage/ quayside be in zone?

Dropping off/picking up at central station and immediately driving out of zone will it incur a charge?

Will council and Newcastle provide park and ride west and south of both town centres (also would reduce car journeys without charging zone)?

Will the potential loss of town centre visitors have on economy and retail footfall and income?

What would be loss of income to councils if visitor numbers fall?

the best way to improve air quality is to make it easier to use increased park and ride facilities especially for those who live in outlying areas and need to use cars more this would reduce car journeys but of course cost will incur to improve park and ride bout if that is not done Newcastle and Gateshead will suffer economically

will l get an answer from the council?

Posted by outofarea on 10th Mar 2019 at 1:37PM

City Council proposes charges in the name of “air quality” in and around the city centre.
What about the urban residential areas of our city, when busses, HGV and countless diesel vans use neighbourhood streets as rat runs.
Wasn’t it the Government who recommended the use of diesel cars in the name of being “better for the environment” how wrong could they be !!

The new Tyne Tunnel is another way to cross the Tyne, when it opened the Coast Road had banners hanging from bridges informing drivers heading into the city to “avoid congestion” and use the tunnel. Then why not make the tunnel toll free and drivers would use it and avoid the city bridges.....
Putting tolls on the three bridges will just move the congestion problems elsewhere mainly into residential areas, so come on local councils, lobby the Government to remove tunnel charges and get the traffic to use it instead of the city centre !!

Posted by Les on 8th Mar 2019 at 6:56PM

The councils plan to bring in tolls and air pollution charges for entry into our town is disgraceful and should not be passed,the people of Newcastle have had enough of paying out this is our town and no way should we pay to go into our great are only trying to get money into your coffers and it will not go into making our roads any better or make the air any cleaner,how dare you say that after all the industries we had in our area were polluting the air and now their are not any.if you had better road systems and better access to public transport this town would be better without your money making plans.

Posted by Beech on 7th Mar 2019 at 6:45PM
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