Air Quality Public Consultation October 2019

Posted on 16/10/2019 at 16:47

We are consulting on final proposals for tackling poor air quality in our area. The proposals take in to account the feedback we've received from the initial consultation earlier this year, as well as updated predictions on pollution levels.

We’re proposing a city centre Clean Air Zone and traffic restrictions on the Tyne Bridge and Central Motorway, along with ways to support people affected by charging, and investment to improve our public transport, walking and cycling routes.

Read more about the proposals and take part in the consultation at: (you may need to copy and paste this link). The consultation is open until midday on Monday 25 November 2019.

If you have any questions about the consultation and how your views will inform our plans, or you need this information in a different format (such as large print), please contact us at: Thank you for giving us your view. 

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Restricting access to and from the central motorway (near Swan Hose Roundabout) will increase the risk of accidents at other junctions.
I've spotted that the slip road north from the B1309 is already an accident black spot for red end shunts.
Have you considered reducing speed limits on some of the roads? This would reduce pollution as vehicles would be accelerating less and travelling more efficiently.
Some of the existing measures actually generate more traffic and and congestion and pollution, so measures must be very carefully re-evaluated. Classic example is the regular grid lock outside the front of Newcastle Central Station - it's to possible to set passengers down with out driving around the block in front of the station first.

Posted by ChrisS on 25th Nov 2019 at 11:55PM

Lane restrictions on the Tyne Brisge will only exacerbate congestion and therefore pollution. In addition longer journey times will negatively impact business and the prosperity of the city. The central motorway should be viewed as a city bypass with the aim to keep traffic moving - limiting access by closing sliproad access should help. I would go further regarding the city centre by banning cars from Percy Street and closing the car parks that promote significant congestion. Park and ride has to be improved and the cost of public transport needs to be cheaper. The cost of tickets in Newcastle is much higher compared to London and Edinburgh - why? The clean air zone should apply to Gosforth High Street. Please consider a ban on vehicles stopping/parking on Gosforth High Street.

Posted by Sutdr on 25th Nov 2019 at 11:18PM

More Park and Ride opportunities with token fares would help congestion.

Posted by Pdurant on 25th Nov 2019 at 8:03PM

Restricting Tyne Bridge to one lane each way will cause traffic to pile up at each end with engines idling thereby causing more pollution.
I am sure the retail outlets will be very concerned about how their revenues will be effected.
Charging buses to enter zone will mean increased fares thereby driving people to use their cars or shop elsewhere.

Posted by A. Slater on 25th Nov 2019 at 7:02PM

To really reduced the number of public cars entering Newcastle we should invest in a viable park and ride scheme as other cities have done. York and Oxford have good park and ride schemes which are well used.
The Metro system could also be extended and a fixed annual fee (similar to the pensioners £12/year scheme) applied to encourage people to use the Metro rather than use their cars.
These improvements could be financed by any clean air congestion charge which is to be levied.

Posted by Bill1949 on 25th Nov 2019 at 9:39AM
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