SR1 Improvements to Adelaide Terrace 2015 - This consultation has now ended

What this means for Adelaide Terrace 
We want to invest in the Adelaide Terrace area in Benwell, and create new cycle lanes between Benwell Lane and Beech Street. These cycle lanes will form part of our Strategic Route 1 (SR1) that links Benwell, Scotswood and your surrounding neighbourhoods to the city-centre. We also want to make other road improvements in the area that will benefit pedestrians and bus users. There will be some short term disruption but this will lead to long term benefits for Benwell, Scotswood and the whole of the city.
  • Straightening the road and removing traffic signals at Adelaide Shopping Centre and replacing with simplified T-junction. 
  • Replacing existing pedestrian islands with new zebra crossing.
  • Converting most of pedestrian crossings to be at same level as pavement. This will make it easier for parents / carers with pushchair and wheelchair use. 
  • Reviewing existing waiting restrictions to make it legal to park and introducing additional waiting restrictions to make it safer for all road users.
  • Introduction of limited waiting in parking lay-by to make more parking spaces available for shoppers. 
  • Installation of trees and benches outside shopping centre. 
  • Reduction of street clutter.
  • Introducing 20 mph speed limit between Beech Street and Atkinson Road.
  • Introduction of Cycle lane between Beech Street and Atkinson Road.
  • Improving existing signalised junction at Adelaide Terrace / Atkinson Road / Benwell Lane / Condercum Road with new pedestrian crossing on the west side of the junction. ​
We have drawn up plans that we would like to share with you, so that you can see how they will improve the area.
Come along to any of our information events to see our proposals and speak to our Highway Engineers and other officers.
  • Tuesday 10 March: 10am till 3pm – Burger Van, Precinct Car Park
  • Tuesday 10 March: 4pm till 7pm – Health Works Reception Area, Adelaide Terrace
  • Wednesday 11 March: 10am till 3pm – Burger Van, Precinct Car Park
Full information is also available at
You can also email comments to
We look forward to meeting you and hearing your views on our plans.
What Happens Next?
Following stakeholder engagement and statutory consultations, it is anticipated that the works will start in Summer 2015.
  • Benwell & Scotswood
  • Elswick

Start Date

06 March 2015

End Date

22 March 2015


Days Remaining


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