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Ouseburn Valley Parking Review 2015 - This consultation has now ended


We’re reviewing the parking in the Lower Ouseburn Valley after issues have been raised by residents, businesses and visitors to the area. We also need to manage the effect of current and future developments in the area.

Dear All,

Thank you for taking part in the consultation on Ouseburn Valley. We will be feeding back on the results of the consultation after the elections. This is because we have to be careful about publishing information that could be seen to make a difference to the way people might vote. This includes new consultations, as well as publishing findings from earlier consultations.

We will email you to let you know what the feedback is available. We will also publish information on after the elections.

So from today (Friday 27 March 2015)  we will only be positing consultations on technical issues we are required to do by law. Normal service will be resumed on 8 May when the elections are done and dusted.

Many thanks

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