Have your say on Social Value: What should we consider when paying for services? 2015 - This consultation has now ended

The Council needs to think about the Social Value it gets from anything it buys that costs more than £5,000. “Social Value” means thinking not only about getting the cheapest price when we buy things, but also thinking about:
  • the quality of what we buy
  • the impact it will have on local people (for example, does it create jobs in Newcastle?)
  • what the longer-term legacy for the city will be
We are committed to getting as much Social Value for local people as we can from the things we buy, and have recently agreed a policy to help us do this. You can see the policy by clicking on this link: 
We want to make sure that we are getting the best Social Value outcomes for you, and so it is vital that we understand what is important to you, as residents, visitors, business-owners, students, and/or workers in the City. Please spare a few moments to answer the questions below.
For more information, please contact laura.choake@newcastle.gov.ukor call on 0191 2115281 or call on 0191 2115281. 
The closing date for responses will be 26 May 2015. Results from the survey will be available from 5 June 2015 and will be published on the Let's talk website. A notification will be sent to participants who have registered on Let's talk, or left their email address. 
The findings will inform the way we think about Social Value in the council, and how we make sure your views are represented when we make decisions about the things we buy. 


Start Date

06 May 2015

End Date

26 May 2015


Days Remaining


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