Improvements to Heaton Road 2015 - This consultation has now ended

Newcastle City Council were awarded £5.7m from the Department for Transport's 'Cycle City Ambition Fund' (CCAF), to encourage more people to cycle.  This funding will not only benefit cyclists, but also bring road safety, environmental, health and financial benefits, and support a city wide road network fit for the future.  Please note that this funding can only been spent on this type of scheme, for pedestrian, cycling and associated improvements.
What this means for Heaton Road
We want to invest in your area and create new cycle lanes along Heaton Road between Meldon Terrace and Cardigan Terrace. These cycle lanes will provide a vital link that links Heaton and your surrounding neighbourhood to city centre. We also want to make other improvements in the area which will benefit pedestrians and other road users. There will be some short term disruption but this will lead to long term benefits for Heaton and the whole of the city.
Improvements include:
Replacing existing pedestrian island at Meldon Terrace with new zebra crossing which will be at the same level as pavement. This will make it easier for parents / carers with push chair and wheel chair use. 
  • Reviewing existing waiting restrictions to make it legal to park and introducing additional waiting restrictions to make it safer for all road users.  
  • Reduction of street clutter  – such as bollards and some signage.
  • Introducing 20 mph speed limit between Cardigan Terrace and Meldon Terrace. 
  • Introduction of cycle lane between Cardigan Terrace and Meldon Terrace. 
  • Converting existing roundabout at junction with Heaton Park View to a signalised junction. This will incorporate signalled controlled crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.
Please tell us what you think of our plans on this topic wall. You can also email comments to: Closing dates for comments is Sunday 21 June 2015.
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Start Date

09 June 2015

End Date

21 June 2015


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