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Fenham Ward Priorities 2016 - This consultation has now ended

West Fenham

Fenham Ward Committee would like your views on their draft priorities for the year ahead. Click on 'show more' for more information.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking part in the online ward priority setting for Fenham.

We have used this information, together with information gathered at our event on 20th September, to identify your priorities for Fenham ward:

  • Cleaner, greener, safer environment
  • Activities for children and young people
  • Support for local groups
  • Health and wellbeing

We have put together some feedback about the types of things that can be done to tackle the issues. 

Feedback sheet

We will also post updates on our ward webpage so you can see where progress is being made in each of the priority areas.

Thank you to those who took part in the event, both in person and online.

Best wishes,

Amy Stillwell, Communities Officer

Let's Talk Community