South Jesmond Annual Ward Priorities 2016 - This consultation has now ended

The annual Ward Priority Setting meeting, which will be led by local Ward Councillors, will give local residents, groups and agencies an opportunity to identify priorities and discuss ways in which they might be delivered. Agreed Ward priorities will be a great help in deciding how the Ward Committee budget will be spent and how local groups and businesses can add value to what local people find important. 

 We have drawn up a draft list of priorities based on what local people have told us in the past and on information we already have about South Jesmond and Sandyford, and we would like as many residents as possible to complete the survey to let us know what they think. 
 This survey is relevant to residents living in South Jesmond. If you would like to check which ward you live in, click this link to the Where you live website: Where you live
 South Jesmond Ward Committee will be holding their Annual Meeting on Monday 7th November 2016. At this meeting the top three priorities identified by residents will be discussed, and we will work together to produce action plans. 
 This survey will be live until 7 November 2016. If you have any questions please contact Vicky Hartley, Communities Officer:

  • South Jesmond

Start Date

04 October 2016

End Date

07 November 2016


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