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Budget 2022-2023 IIA2 Adult Social Care - Being Well in Communities Phase 1

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We want to hear your views on this budget proposal for 2022-2023.

We have set out service savings proposals worth £12 million to balance our budget next year, and would like to hear your comments on them. We also have to save £12 million in 2023-24, followed by another £12 million in 2024-25, which is a total of £36 million over the next three years.

Our priority here is to find out what you think about our proposal for continuing to promote Being Well in Communities Phase 1 for 2022-2023. Find out more in our video: IIA2 Adult Social Care - Being Well in Communities Phase 1
Here's a summary of the proposal: "We will work with our communities & organisations we commission services from, and partner organisations providing health and social care so that when we recommission services, they build better connections between people and their communities, and also ensure that these services are responsive to people’s needs. When we recommission services, we will seek to make them green and sustainable, locally based, community-focused, ethical, and supporting recovery. When we recommission home care services for adults we will move to a model that provides flexibility for home care providers to work alongside people to achieve outcomes that are important to them. We will work with partners to ensure that people have the right levels of support, balancing legally-required support alongside people's own support networks. This will involve better use of our data to reach people at an early stage. We will also work through the Collaboration Newcastle partnership to develop and deliver services that are joined-up, and meet the needs of local communities and people. Finally, we will work with local partners to strengthen connections between individuals, organisations, and communities, to build on their strengths, so that we can achieve outcomes that matter to them, and also seek to prevent or delay the need for more formal support services.”

We are consulting on all our proposals between 12 November 2021 and 2 January 2022. Have your say by completing the short survey, or by emailing us at: We have also produced a PDF copy of our questions, which can be found at the bottom of this page and can be printed off, completed, and returned to us at: FREEPOST Let’s Talk if this is easier for you or someone you know.

Here is the Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) for this proposal, a summary of what we propose to do, and the impact we expect it will have: IIA2 Being Well in Communities Phase 1

Please do give us your views!

If you have any questions about this or you need the consultation materials in different formats, such as large print, you can email us at, or write to us at: FREEPOST Let’s Talk

What happens next

We will consult on our draft budget proposals from 12 November 2021 until 2 January 2022. In February 2022, Cabinet will be asked to recommend the post-consultation budget to City Council. City Council will debate and vote on the budget at their meeting in March.

We will publish the final budget proposals, including a report on the consultation findings, on our website: Newcastle City Council

Thank you for giving us your views.

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