SR4 South Jesmond cycle route 2015 - This consultation has now ended

We have listened to the feedback that local residents, businesses, service providers and visitors have given us in response to the first draft of some proposals we made about Brandling Park Road (July 2014).  We’ve taken another look at the evidence (including doing more traffic surveys) and we’ve listened to the views that have been expressed.  As a result, we have a revised proposal about how we would like to improve the area.
The main reasons we have decided to make these changes are to address your concerns about:
  • road safety
  • parking – particularly at school drop off and pick up times
  • excessive speeds on certain streets
  • accessibility for residents and service users – particularly those on foot and trying to cross roads

The proposed changes no longer focus on one street, they encompass a much larger part of the area. They include:
  • improving pedestrian crossing facilities particularly on Clayton Road and in the vicinity of the schools;
  • introducing some one way streets (on Eslington Terrace, Eskdale Terrace, Lambton Road and part of Brandling Park Road) that will manage the school traffic significantly better;
  • introducing parking facilities for buses close to the schools; and
  • introducing a cycle lane on Eslington Terrace and cycling facilities on other streets.
If you have any questions, please email Adele Bradley at:
  • South Jesmond

Start Date

15 May 2015

End Date

07 June 2015


Days Remaining


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