Hadrians Road Greenspace Tree Planting 2023 - This consultation has now ended

The North East Community Forest (NECF) have grant money available for environmental projects and we are currently looking at planting trees at the green triangle on Hadrian Road. 

Following feedback from local residents a proposed landscape plan has been developed. This plan follows the feedback received and seeks to:
  • improve biodiversity and wildlife habitats though planting on the site
  • plant a range of broadleaf trees around the perimeter of the greenspace 
  • plant bulb and wildflower areas for seasonal interest
  • allow space for current uses of the site by local residents

Please find the proposed plan attached to this consultation.

If you have comments or questions, please add them to this consultation page. Alternatively, email us at info@necf.org.uk or phone 07767475894 to share your thoughts. You can also contact us using these contact details if you require this information in a different format, such as large print.
Thank you for giving us your views! 

***UPDATE 13th November 2023 - Consultation findings and updated planting plan uploaded please access below***
  • Wingrove

Start Date

06 October 2023

End Date

14 November 2023


Days Remaining


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