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Local Plan 2024: Have your say and help shape the future of Newcastle - This consultation has now ended


What do you want Newcastle to be like in the future, and how can this be achieved? Now is your chance to help us plan for this.

We are keen to start early conversations to help us to prepare the Newcastle Plan. Like all councils, we need to create a plan for our area that sets out how Newcastle will develop by 2045, considering all aspects of what will make our city an even better place to live. We want to give everyone a chance to have their say and find out what matters to our communities.  
So, from Wednesday 24 January until Wednesday 6 March 2024 (inclusive) we will be running a six-week engagement exercise - a citywide conversation where we are asking for feedback on a number of key themes. The responses we receive will help shape the Newcastle Plan and that will shape Newcastle.  
You can get involved online or in person. 

To join in the conversation online, visit here: Newcastle Plan.

Our nine ambitions:
You can tell us your thoughts on what you think Newcastle should be like in 2045 and how we can:  
  1. Make Newcastle a healthier city: what steps could we take to support everyone in Newcastle to have healthier lifestyles and to improve their wellbeing? 
  2. Make Newcastle be a greener city: how can we help address climate change and reduce carbon emissions in Newcastle? 
  3. Make the city centre and neighbourhood centres more attractive places to shop and visit: What do you think is needed to improve our city and neighbourhood centres and what would make you visit them more? 
  4. Improve employment opportunities: Have we got the right employment sites (areas only used for businesses, factories, and other employers) in Newcastle and what opportunities should be provided for the future? 
  5. Make it easier to move around Newcastle: How can we support more people to actively move around Newcastle (by walking and cycling) and improve transport networks, helping to connect everyone better? 
  6. Provide high-quality leisure, culture and tourism facilities: Where should our leisure, cultural and tourism facilities be located, and how can we improve everyone’s access to our open spaces? 
  7. Provide homes and communities people want to live in: What type of housing do you think Newcastle needs and where should new houses be built? 
  8. Provide attractive and safe places in Newcastle to live, work and visit: So that we can design a better Newcastle in the future, we want to know what is most important and makes it special for you. 
  9. Protect and improve Newcastle’s natural environment: How can we improve our natural environment including parks, woodlands, lakes and ponds and what would you like to see more of?
Community events and drop-in sessions:
At these events and drop-in sessions, you will be able to find out more information and have conversations with members of our team. You will also be able to complete the online questions and be supported to do this if you need.
Drop-in Sessions 
Half-term Events – Grainger Market
How to get more information
If you have questions about any of the information above or need it in another format (such as large print), please email us at, or write to: FREEPOST Letstalk. Also, remember to follow our social media channels where we will also be having these conversations: 
You will find more details of the Newcastle Local Plan here: Newcastle Local Plan. This includes details of our current plan that runs until 2030, and the timeline we are working to develop the new one.
More information
You can find more information here

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