Replacement Social Fund 2013 - This consultation has now ended

From April 2013, the Government is abolishing the Social Fund and asking local authorities to set up replacement scheme(s) instead. 
The Social Fund is currently made up of Crisis Loans and Community Care Grants. Crisis Loans are intended to cover immediate short-term needs that arise because of a disaster or emergency.  Community Care Grants are intended to support vulnerable people to remain in or return to the community.
There is no requirement for local authorities to set up the replacement scheme(s) in a particular way.
Newcastle intends to replace both schemes.  However, as there is a reduced amount of money available, the Council will be unable to provide the same level of support as is currently in place.  In both cases, there is little information on how current funds are actually being used, so we propose to run pilot schemes in 2013-14, which will then shape the development of permanent schemes.
This document sets out our proposals for the replacement schemes. 
Resettlement and Sustainment Scheme (RSS)
A replacement Community Care Grant scheme – to be known as the Resettlement and Sustainment Scheme (RSS) – will be available to help people on low incomes to:
  • resettle in the community following a stay in an institution
  • remain in the community rather than enter an institution
  • set up home in the community, as part of a planned resettlement programme, following an unsettled way of life
The RSS will cover the provision of basic household items that would meet the aims above - for example beds, cookers, fridges or storage or removal costs.  A full list of items that will be included by the RSS is available here. The actual value of the RSS will depend on the needs and financial situation of applicants.    
As the scheme is intended for people on low incomes, applicants must receive certain income-based benefits and not have savings worth over £500 (or £1000 if they are aged over 60).  A full list of eligibility criteria is available here.
People will not be able to apply directly to the scheme, but will need to apply through a designated support agency.  This is because, at present, the majority of successful applications are supported, and people are more likely to remain independent with this support.
Ultimately, the RSS should prevent people from reaching a crisis point in their life, and we will provide training to support agencies to help achieve this goal. We will also monitor the success of the RSS in terms of how many people remain independent three, six and twelve months after an award has been received.
For more information visit our webpage here
Crisis Support Scheme (CSS)
A replacement Crisis Loan Scheme – to be known as the Crisis Support Scheme (CSS) – will be available to help people who have suffered a disaster or crisis and there is a risk to the personal health and safety of themselves and/or a member of their household.
The CSS is a cashless grant payment and will cover the provision of food, fuel for heating their home, clothing, and travel costs in emergency situations. The applicant must be unable to secure funding from any other source. The actual value of the CSS will depend on the needs and financial situation of the applicant.
The scheme is intended for people who have insufficient income to meet their basic living needs.  A full list of eligibility criteria is available here.  People can apply directly to the scheme using an online or assisted online application form.
The council will develop a system for monitoring the scheme, for example, recording the number and nature of applications, types of awards and outcomes. The intention is that the CSS becomes an integrated part of support planning and not a stand alone system.
For more information on any of the above you can visit our webpage here.
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