Consultation on the revised Newcastle Compact 2013 - This consultation has now ended

What is the Compact?
The existing Compact is an agreement between Newcastle City Council and the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Newcastle. The Compact describes the relationship between Newcastle City Council and voluntary and community organisations in the city.  It is not a legally binding document.  The authority of the Compact comes from the fact that the council and the voluntary and community sector have made an agreement to work together in the way the Compact describes. 
Why refresh the Compact?
There are two key reasons for this:
1. There have been big changes in partnership working - VCS organisations are now working with a much broader range of public organisations than just the City Council. Due to this, it seems timely to revise the Compact and extend it to cover the relationship between this broader range of public sector organisations and the VCS.
2. The existing Compact documents are possibly more detailed than they need to be – we have tried to sum up the nature of the relationship in a much shorter single document. 
Who has revised the Compact?
A small Compact Review Group made up of representatives from the VCS, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and the City Council has met several times to draft a revised Compact. The group was particularly impressed with the Bristol Compact and the revised Newcastle Compact reflects the approach taken in Bristol. 
Sally Young, Chief Executive of Newcastle Council for Voluntary Service (NCVS) and Caroline Beckett, one of Newcastle City Council’s Communities Advisors have written the revised Compact based on discussions at the Compact Review Group and also comments received on a short survey. It is important for us to stress the revised Compact is partnership document and not a City Council document.  
What are the timescales?
We would like any comments on the revised Compact by 10th May 2013. This will give the Compact Review Group time to consider the comments received and to amend the revised Compact as appropriate. The aim is for the Wellbeing for Life Board to agree the revised Compact by the end of Summer. 
What is the Wellbeing for Life Board?
Wellbeing for Life Board is a partnership arrangement with membership drawn from Newcastle City Council, the NHS in Newcastle, Healthwatch Newcastle, the Voluntary and Community Sector and our two local universities. The Board works to improve the wellbeing and health of everyone in the city, with a particular focus on reducing health inequalities.
Please read the revised Newcastle Compact and make your comments by answering the consultation questions. 
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08 April 2013

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10 May 2013


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