Walkabout Westerhope 2013 - This consultation has now ended

On 19 September 2013 we held a ‘walkabout’ in Westerhope to think about and discuss:

What are the main crime and community safety issues in Westerhope? What could be done to tackle these?  

Residents, councillors, council officers and the local Police Sergeant visited parts of Westerhope from Hillhead Road eastwards, but we were happy to talk about any parts of the ward that people wanted to focus on.  You can see what issues were raised here. If you would like to see a map of the route click here. We want to hear your views on the issues that were raised.  Are these your issues too or have we missed something that you want to tell us about?  And most importantly, how can we work with residents to address these issues cooperatively?

You can also tweet us @letstalkncl using the hashtag #WalkaboutWesterhope

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Start Date

10 September 2013

End Date

31 October 2013


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