A new vision for arts and culture in Newcastle 2013 - This consultation has now ended

Newcastle’s rich heritage and culture has always been shaped by the people who’ve lived, worked, settled and passed through the city. A new vision for arts and culture will continue to put people at the heart of the cultural life of Newcastle. Our shared vision will help everyone to access, engage with, learn from and contribute to creating great art and culture. The Newcastle Cultural Partnership and City Council have stimulated conversations across the city on the future of arts and culture, asking what is culture for, what might arts and culture look like in the future and, what do we do together to make this happen? We wanted to develop a vision for the future of arts and culture in our city – something that all partners and people can be part of to ensure that we have a thriving cultural scene for generations to come. It’s not by coincidence that this conversation has taken place during the most challenging economic and funding conditions in generations. These challenges require all of us to come together to agree a way forward. This document sets out a draft vision for the future of arts and culture in the city. And we want to explore what each of us can do to make our vision a reality. We hope that we have listened to what you have said and that this vision reflects our conversations. So please let us know what you think of our draft and, more importantly, tell us if this is something you can be part of… Let us know what you think of our draft vision by 31 March. View the Vision document (pdf, 78Kb)

Start Date

10 October 2013

End Date

02 April 2014


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