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Contact Centre Telephone Opening Hours 2018 - This consultation has now ended

Newcastle City Council is proposing a change in opening hours to the telephone lines at their Customer Contact Centres. Click on 'show more' to find out about this and take part.

Thank you for taking part in our consultation about contact centre opening times.  The proposal set out to consolidate our contact centre with Your Homes Newcastle, who will operate it on our behalf, and reduce the opening hours from 48.5 hours per week to 40 hour per week.

Following feedback, we have reviewed and revised the proposed opening hours. The contact centre is currently open from 8am - 6pm Monday to Thursday and 8am - 4.30pm on a Friday. Proposals published in November were to reduce this to 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Based on the feedback received, we will retain opening hours of 8am - 6pm on a Monday, but reduce to 8.30am - 4pm Tuesday to Friday which is 40 hours per week.If you require any further information please contact Luke Burton -

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