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Proposed changes to the Newcastle Fund annual budget in 2020-21 - This consultation has now ended

Newcastle City Council are proposing to reduce the annual budget available for The Newcastle Fund from 2020-21. Click on 'show more' to find out more about this.

Thank you for those who have contributed to the consultation process on the ‘Proposed Changes to the Newcastle Fund Annual Budget in 2020-21’ conducted in May/June 2019. Our plans to mitigate potential impact of reduced funding on the lives of vulnerable people in Newcastle include:


·       - The Round 10 evaluation process will assess bids against criteria including need, proposed outcomes, Council priorities and strategic fit. This will identify and measure how effectively projects can support vulnerable people in Newcastle. In June 2019, we published the Newcastle Fund Prospectus for Round 10 (a copy of the Prospectus can be found here) to coincide with the launch of Round 10 at the City’s Funders’ Fair which took place on 6 June 2019. The Prospectus explained the aims of the Fund, the outcomes it is seeking to achieve, how we measure impact, as well as important information on how to apply and what VCS organisations should consider when planning their applications.


·       - We will continue to produce an Annual Report showing the achievements of the Fund, with information on the variety and scope of funded projects, the outcomes and reach of the projects delivered, and the impact they have across the city and our communities. We will use this learning to help shape and inform future years’ Newcastle Fund arrangements.


·       - We will continue to explore ways to maximise available funds and extend their reach through collaboration and joint-funding with other City stakeholders and regional/national funders.


·       - We will also seek to strengthen productive relationships between private and third sector organisations in the City through the way we buy goods, works and services. By commissioning and procuring for Social Value, we can direct support and resource where it is needed in our communities, building community assets, including the VCS organisations that promote community cohesion.


·       - Funds currently ring-fenced for domestic violence and abuse, open access advice services and cultural events are committed to contractual or grant giving arrangements already in place in these areas. We will review each of these arrangements when their contract or grant term expires.

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