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Property Licence Impact Survey 2022 - This consultation has now ended



We are keen to understand the impact that property licencing in Newcastle has on residents, business and communities.

This is a summary of the feedback we received in response to the Property Licence Impact surveys in 2022.  People were invited to let us know how they felt about the impact of property licencing in Newcastle where they live and work. This includes the city-wide additional scheme and five selective licencing schemes which were in their second year, in addition to a further two areas of selective licencing that had been recently been redesignated. The surveys were open between 1st April and 31st May 2022.

How we invited people to take part
We published the surveys on Lets Talk and used a variety of methods to make people aware of the surveys and how they could take part.  
This includes;
  •  Direct mailing to landlords who have applied for a property licence and who have signed up to received regular updates from the council
  • Information passed onto Local and National landlords associations
  • Promoted on the Private Rented Services website and Newcastle City Council's website
  • Information sent to Chairs of tenants and residents associations across the city
  • Update at Advice Compact
  • Circulated via Active Inclusion 
  •  Information sent to students via Students Unions
  •  Attending local landlord forums and Students in Newcastle forum

How people chose to take part
Most respondents took part in the online surveys hosted by LetsTalk. We received 208 responses from landlords and agents and 61 responses from tenants and residents. In addition, two landlords chose to submit written responses by email.

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