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Direct Payment Support Service Survey 2022 - This consultation has now ended


Survey regarding the recommissioning of the Direct Payment Support Service at Newcastle City Council

Thank you for giving us your views on this consultation. Feedback received has been utilised in the recommissioning of the Direct Payment Support Service at Newcastle City Council.
We received responses from the following groups:

  • Those in receipt of a Direct Payment under Adult Social Care
  • The family members and representatives of children with disabilities who currently have direct payments for their child’s personal budget through Newcastle City Council. 
  • Social workers
31 questionnaires were completed.
People told us that they like the following aspects of the current Direct Payment Support Service:
  • “Having the flexibility to use my funding to suit my needs.”
  • “The payment team are always very helpful.”
  • “The payroll service is available at a reasonable price.” 
  • “I like the fact I’m able to recruit my own staff according to my timing and needs. Direct payment gives you more flexibility and authority to manage your finances and employing staff. I employed all my staff from the community and from my ethnicity so there was no language and cultural barriers.” 
People told us that they wanted to see the following in the new service:
  • “As a therapist, I would like to see mental health being considered more and the promotion of holistic care of individuals.”
  • Further support and advice around the recruitment of Personal Assistants.
  • “More of a local approach and not a country wide organisation.”
  • “Face to face contact with the provider is vital – there should be a local office.”
  • User-friendly documents and forms.
  • “Out of hours assistance set up, as weekend issues can be problematic.”
  • Service User engagement sessions held by the provider, to help with service improvement.
Thank you again to everyone who participated.

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