Market position statement for information and advice, and advocacy in Newcastle 2015 - This consultation has now ended

"Market Position Statements" are the first step towards achieving a cooperative approach to the commissioning of services. These documents are designed to help Adult Social Care providers and the people who use Adult Social Care services in Newcastle understand what services are currently on offer in the City, and also what we think Adult Social Care services should look like in the future.
We have issued this Market Position Statement for information and advice services, and independent advocacy, as a draft document, so consultation responses can be included in the final version. This consultation is aimed at the following people (although we are happy to hear the views ofanyone who wishes to comment):
  • Existing and potential providers of information and advice services. 
  • Service users and carers
  • Health service providers
  • Voluntary and community organisations 
  • Existing and potential providers of advocacy services
We welcome your feedback, which you can provide by reading the document and commenting via the topic wall. The closing date for this consultation is 15th May 2015.
If you have further questions, please contact David Forster, Team Manager in Wellbeing, Care and Learning, at:
You can find out more about the Care Act 2014 here: Newcastle City Council and the Care Act 2014.

Start Date

31 March 2015

End Date

15 May 2015


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