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Off Street Parking Places Order 2020 - This consultation has now ended

We would like to get your views on a change to the Off Street Parking Places Order for Newcastle upon Tyne. Click on 'see more' to find out about this and take part.

Thank you to those who provided representations as part of the consultation on the proposed changes to the ‘off street order’.  I can confirm that the Delegated Officer (Director of Operations and Regulatory Services) has given consideration to all of the representations received and the decision is to implement all of the proposals as advertised with the exception of the following minor amendments:


  • The extension of the expiry of the Sunday worship permits from 31 March 2021 to 30 June 2021.
  • To allow blue badge holders to continue to park within the disabled parking bays within Guildhall car park.


This recommendation is included in Section 2 of the delegated decision and was made on the grounds that the proposals would support the expeditious, convenient and safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians, whilst also having regard to the relevant criteria set out in Section 122 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.  A link to the delegated decision is attached below:


The reasons for each decision are included within the decision with the highest number of objections being set against themed areas as follows:


  • The removal of Sunday worship permits from 30 June 2021 – section 4.2 of the decision
  • The introduction of car parking charges for blue badge holders – section 4.3 of decision
  • The introduction of an annual permit for shopmobility – section 4.4 of the decision
  • Other representations – section 4.5 of the decision



Thank you for your time and interest in this matter.

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